High quality image and audio
Be your eyes and ears
HiKam S5 features industrial grade optics, built-in MIC and speaker, and noise suppression chipset, bringing you high resolution video and a two-way crisp audio in one product.
Airlink Easy Setup
Super Easy Setup and position
Set it up in one min, position it anywhere you like
Just power on the camera, give the Wi-Fi password from your smart phone. The camera will receive info from the air and then be ready to use.
The camera case can tilt forward and back by almost 90°. The camera can rotate 360​° in the case without alignment issues. You can even take the camera out from the case and stick it anywhere with a double-sided tape.
Night vision
Night vision
Clearly see even in dark
Built-in infrared LEDS let you see your sleeping baby clearly in the dark. The auto switch between day and night vision make sure you can see anything that goes bump with a best quality.
Home in your eyes
See your home anytime, anywhere
Any time, you can see your home on your mobile device from across town or across the globe; you can speak with families; you can snapshot exciting moments you see. It makes you feel like you are staying with families all the time.
HiKam S5 Specification


  1. Resolution
  2. Videostreaming
  3. Video Codec
  4. Auto White balance
  5. Auto Exposure
  6. Viewing Angle
  7. Night Vision
  8. Infraed LEDS


  1. 1.3MP, 720p HD (1280x720 pixels)
  3. H.264
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. 70°
  7. Yes, automatically swtich
  8. 11


  1. Two-way audio
  2. Noise Suppression


  1. Yes
  2. Yes


  1. Network Interface
  2. WIFI Security


  1. WIFI 802.1 b/g/n


  1. PIR (Passive Infraed Sensor)
  2. Motion Detect
  3. Alert Notification
  4. microSD Recording


  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Mobile Push, Email Notification
  4. Yes, up to 32GB