Super easy setup

AirLink technology lets you configure your camera with Wi-Fi in one minute.

Special designed mounting base provides you tons of choice on mounting place. You can securely mount the camera less then five minutes.

High quality images and audio
HD Video, brilliant Audio
Video in brilliant HD. Auto night vision with a range up to 50 feet. The built-in microphone lets you hear and record audio, an add-on feature that is hard to find among products in this price range
All metal body, IP66 compliant
This rugged, tough camera can withstand the most severe weather conditions.
Support external Wireless Sensor
Can pair with external wireless PIR sensor, door lock sensor, etc., for the larger surveillance coverage and blind spot elimination.
HiKam A7 Specification


  1. Resolution
  2. Videostreaming
  3. Video Codec
  4. Auto White balance
  5. Auto Exposure
  6. Viewing Angle
  7. Night Vision
  8. Infraed LEDs


  1. 1.0MP, 720p HD (1280x720 pixels)
  3. H.264
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. 70°
  7. Yes, automatically swtich,up to 50feet
  8. 24


  1. MIC
  2. Speaker


  1. Yes, receving up to 20feet
  2. For Voice Prompts


  1. Network Interface
  2. WIFI Security
  3. HiKam AirLink


  1. Ethernet, WIFI 802.1 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  2. WPA/WPA2
  3. Yes


  1. Motion Detect
  2. PIR (Passive Infraed Sensor) Detect
  3. Alert Notification
  4. microSD Recording
  5. Safety Hub


  1. Yes
  2. Enabled by HiKam Wireless PIR Sensor
  3. Mobile Push, Email Notification
  4. Yes, built-in 16GB SD(72hours continously recording)
  5. Support HiKam Wirelesss PIR Sensor
  6. Support HiKam Safety switch (Door/Window Lock Sensor)


    IP66 Level waterproof and dustproof